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Week 2- Are we nearly there yet?

Lesson 2- Are we nearly there yet? 


This lesson, we are going to think about where the Titanic was travelling to, how long it would have taken and where the passengers came from. 

Activity: Plotting points on a map. 


Complete the following activities on the map above. Last term we used Google Maps on the tablets and laptops in geography. You may wish to use Google Maps to help you to find these places on your map. See the link below. 


  1. Construction of the Titanic, the largest passenger steam ship in the world, began in Belfast,  Ireland. Can you mark Belfast on your map with a red dot?  
  2. On 10th April 1912, passengers boarded the ship in Southampton, England. The Titanic set off on her maiden voyage at midday. Can you mark Southampton on your map with a green dot? 
  3. The Titanic set sail across the Atlantic Ocean towards New York, USA. Can you plot the route (in blue) of the Titanic across the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to New York in the USA? 
  4. The passengers in 3rd class were mainly immigrants heading for a new life in America. They came from a variety of locations across Europe including Ireland, England and Scandinavia. Many also came from Lebanon. How many of these places can you find on the map? Mark in purple. 


Optional Extra Activity- Non-fiction book about the Titanic

Still image for this video
Click to listen to me reading the beginning of the non-fiction book, 'Blast Back! The Titanic.'
Note: During the video, I make reference to Father Browne. We will learn about him in lesson 4.