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Autumn 2020 posts in Class 2

18.12.20- Draw with Rob Biddulph 


Today we followed step-by-step tutorials by the illustrator Rob Biddulph to create festive pictures for our Christmas cards. We wrote lovely Christmas messages in our cards and festive jokes, ready to send to Brackenbed View in Pellon. 

17.12.20- Santa zooms into Class 2


On December 17th, we had a VIP virtual visit in our classroom... it was very exciting!

17.12.20- Class 2 take part in sign language choir for Calderdale Music Concert

16.12.20- Christmas Crafts in Class 2

14.12.20- Class 2 Christmas Party Day!

13.12.20- Festive reminders... 

As ever, our last of week of the Autumn term is rather busy with plenty of festive events! Please see the reminders below for the week ahead.


Monday- Class 2 Christmas Party Afternoon! 

  • Children can come to school in party clothes (please ensure that they are suitable for outdoor play).
  • Each child to bring their own party tea- a non- fizzy drink and 2 or 3 small, wrapped party items that will not require plates or cutlery. Children will not be allowed to swap/ share food or drinks. NO PRODUCTS CONTAINING NUTS to be sent in please. 


Tuesday- Bring a festive accessory for music (e.g. tinsel, reindeer boppers)


Wednesday- Last day to buy raffle tickets 


Friday- FOOTS Christmas Jumper Day! £2 fine


11.12.20- Dick Whittington in Class 2!


11.12.20- More elf antics in Class 2...

10.12.20- Virtual Pantomime Afternoon

Tomorrow is our virtual pantomime afternoon! Children in class 2 can come to school in non-uniform or dressed-up for our afternoon classroom panto. 

Please ensure that what they are wearing is warm enough and suitable for outdoor play times and potentially after-school multi-sports club. Please may we ask that snacks are not brought into school for the panto tomorrow as everything will be provided. 

Children can bring their tickets (see the bottom of the letter). Don't panic if these have got lost... they can be easily re-issued!

8.12.20- Elf-ing around...


7.12.20- Signing 'Somewhere in my Memory' 

This week, children in Class 2 are learning sign language to the song 'Somewhere in my Memory.' We'll be featuring in an Old Town virtual advent window and possibly a virtual Calderdale Music Concert next week (letter following soon). Here's the song to practise at home.

7.12.20- Totally Awesome! 

This morning, children opened gifts for class 2 bought through fundraising. Michelle kindly arranged collecting these from Totally Awesome in Hebden Bridge. We're looking forward to playing with these during wet-play times. 


7.12.20- Class 2 Secret Santa Shop 

Today, many of us enjoyed picking out a present from the secrets room for our loved ones! Thank you for the many donations. Any leftover gifts are being passed onto other classes for their shop day so that all have the opportunity to buy a gift. If there are gifts left after all classes have had their Secret Shop day, we will give children a further opportunity to purchase an item. This is likely to be either on Friday this week or sometime next week. We'll send a text to let you know. 

7.12.20- Our Trainee Elves...

On Wednesday, we discovered two new members of class 2! Elf brothers, Larry and Zippy Gingerberg, have joined our class from the North Pole for the next couple of weeks. Father Christmas has sent them because although the brothers mean well, they are trainee elves and can be a little bit naughty! He has asked us to show Larry and Zippy what being good looks like. They've already been up to some antics! 

7.12.20- Advent Calendar Week 1! 

We've found lots of funny Christmas jokes and act of kindness challenges in our advent calendar this week.

1/12/20 Our Advent Calendar- Day 1

Today two lucky children unwrapped treats from our Class 2 advent calendar. 

1st December joke

What do you call a reindeer with bad manners? 


1st December act of kindness

Wave hello to someone new! 

1/12/20- Design Technology- Textiles

During the past few weeks, we've look at existing wallets and purses and designed our own. Today we began to make our products! We did a great job at pinning a pattern to fabric, cutting it out and threading our needles. 

27/11/20- Oh no! The chairs went on strike! 

On Friday, just like the crayons in our class story, 'The Day the Crayon's Quit,' our chairs went on strike! After our playtime, we found that they had stacked themselves up in the library and wrote us a letter. 

We decided to write a letter of apology to the chairs to try to entice them back. Thankfully, the chairs forgave us for swinging on two legs and being a little smelly after baked bean lunches! Fingers crossed our tables don't get the same idea... 

11/11/20- Free-Cycling! 

Following a cupboard sort-out this morning, I've found a wealth of activity books suitable for children in years 2 and 3. They are great but have been sat in the back of a cupboard for far too long as we simply don't use them in the school day. It seems right to give them a new home! 

Have a look through the pictures below and let me know if you'd like any. I'll put them to one side for you to collect either this week or next Wednesday when we return. Thank you, Miss Mears-Sykes.

11/11/20- Remembrance Display 

In school last week, children in Class 2 made 3D poppies to display for Remembrance this week.  

9/11/20- Message re. bubble closure

Good evening everyone,
Following our bubble closure, I'd just like to offer a little clarification and reassurance as we look ahead to a week of home learning.
I have set-up a page on the website as best as I can today which I'll add to throughout the week. On the page, you'll find a timetable of activities for the week.
This follows what we would have been learning in school.
As we understand that work commitments and situations differ from household to household, on the timetable you will find that subjects have been prioritised as follows:
- (1st priority) Daily English & maths activities
- (2nd priority) Physical activity
Please ensure that your child completes the 1st and 2nd priority tasks.
-(3rd priority) Topic learning
-(4th priority) Optional extra tasks to complete in the week.

To clarify, I will be in school this week and therefore I can provide support, answer any questions and help you as best as I can (get in touch via Class Dojo, email or by ringing the school office). I will begin by ringing round everyone in the morning to check that you are able to access the learning and answer any questions. Please let me know if you prefer a particular time.

I understand this isn't an ideal situation and encourage you to let me know if you need support. Continue to look after yourselves & your family,
Best wishes,
Isobel Mears-Sykes

6/11/20- TTRockstar Autumn 1 Champions!

22/10/20- Class 2 is spooktacular!

20/10/20- Painting with watercolours

15/10/20- PSHE: When I grow up, I want to be...