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Lesson 5- You're the boss!

Thursday 4th February 2021


PSHE - Keep Calm and Relax

Lesson 5 - I can identify uncomfortable emotions and manage them effectively.


We all experience different emotions, they are often influenced by what's going on around us. In today's lesson we focus on uncomfortable feelings. What might they be and how could we deal with them?

Activity 1


Have a look at the emotions on the picture, choose one but don't tell anyone what it is. Now act out your emotion to someone in your house. Did they guess what the feeling was?

Anger, grief and worry are all common examples of uncomfortable emotions. It's absolutely normal to experience these feelings but we need to find ways of managing them, what can we do to help ourselves? Have a look at the slides to find out more. 

Activity 2


It's time to put your new skills to the test. Have a go at keeping a feelings diary and log how you felt each day for a week. If you experienced an uncomfortable feeling what did you do and did it help?