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Friday Art & Design

Lesson 2 & 3

LO: To explore the work of artists and use their artwork to inspire my own collage landscape. 


Equipment that I might use this week: 

plain paper or card (base for collage), old magazines/ leaflets/ newspapers/ wrapping paper/ recycled materials, glue and scissors (scissors not vital... you can tear materials to create an interesting effect). 


Skills that I would like you to demonstrate this week and next: 

  • I can use tearing, cutting and layer paper to create different effects in a collage inspired by the local area. 
  • I can use a range of stimulus for collage work, trying to think of more abstract ways of showing views. 


Activity: Landscape Collage 

Your task this week is to recreate your favourite landscape view (for instance, the one you sketched last week) as a collage. Please note, you have 2 afternoons to complete this task. Today and next Friday (22nd). 


What is a collage?

A collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials, e.g. bits of paper, photographs, or fabric onto a backing, e.g. paper. 


Think carefully about how you could use colours and textures to represent the different parts of the landscape. For instance, you might cut lots of different shades of blue from an old magazine to create a sky. 


You may wish to explore the links below to find out about artists (some local) who create landscape and/ or collage artwork.