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Friday- Design Technology

Friday 13th November 2020

To think about the design for my product


In design technology last week, we began our 'make do & mend' project. The idea is that we take a textile item that is old or broken and change it into something new. 


Last week, we looked at existing designs of wallets and purses. We thought about the following questions: 

  • Who is it for? 
  • How does it fasten?
  • What is it made out of? 
  • What do you like/ dislike about the design? 



This week, can you sketch different design ideas for your purse or wallet? Remember to draw in pencil and label your designs with the following...

  • What is it made out of? 
  • How will it fasten? 
  • How will you decorate this wallet/ purse? 
  • Who is it for?