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Tuesday- Geography

Tuesday 10th November 2020


Our geography topic this term is Europe. Have a look at the knowledge organiser below and try to remember what we learnt about last Friday. (Clue= it involved a tricky jigsaw!) 


Last Friday, we learnt about continents! 


Activity 1

Can you name the 7 continents of the world? 

Can you locate them on this map below? 

Activity 2

Today, we're going to find out about the oceans of the world. 


Firstly, watch the video below. Whilst you're watching, can you jot down the names of the 5 oceans?

Can you click through the pictures to find out about each ocean? 

Activity 3

Using the map below, can you label the 5 oceans? 

If you fancy a challenge, can you label the 7 continents too without peeping?