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Week 1- Why was the Titanic known as the, 'Queen of the Ocean?'

Friday 8th January 2021

History Lesson 1- Why was the Titanic known as the 'Queen of the Ocean?'


This half-term, we're finding out about an enormous, famous ship called the 'Titanic.' You may have heard of it already. 


Firstly, read through the PowerPoint below to find out about what made the ship famous and why it is still talked about today. 


Writing Activity... 

Now look at the posters and images of the Titanic below. How do you think people felt when they first saw pictures of the biggest ship they'd ever seen? Do you think it is grand? Why? Once you've looked through the pictures and thought about your ideas (you could also share them with someone at home), can you write an answer to today's big question... 


"Why was the Titanic known as the 'Queen of the Ocean?"