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Friday 29th January- To design my own 4-way wrap...

LO: To design my own 4-way wrap and add detailed labels 


Today, I would like you to put your thinking caps on and design your very own 4-way wrap. Here's some ways you can change the original recipe...

  • What sort of wrap will you choose? Wholemeal wrap? Granary wrap? Perhaps you could opt for a pancake instead or an omelette? 
  • Will you make a sweet or a savoury wrap? 
  • What fillings will you choose? What's your favourite meal or dessert? Could you re-create this in your recipe? 



  1. Draw a detailed illustration of your 4-way wrap.
  2. Add detailed labels to your picture to describe what's in it. 
  3. Explain why people should try your recipe. Be persuasive! You can write your answer or voice record/ video your answer. Your choice! 

Have fun!