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Maths video inputs & tasks for 13th-15th January

In the document below you will find all this week's sets of tasks to complete for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You should watch the relevant video lesson below before attempting the tasks. Optional extension tasks are also included.

There is one (avoidable) error on my answer sheet (I saw it after I'd scanned it)! Can you spot it?

Spr6.2.1 - Multiply decimals by integers

Watch this lesson on Wednesday 13th January then complete the tasks set for Wednesday.

Divide decimals by integers

Watch this lesson on Thursday then have a go at the first set of tasks for Thursday.

Division to solve problems

After completing your first set of Thursday tasks, watch this second video lesson and complete the 'Thursday tasks continued' section.

Decimals as fractions

Watch this lesson on Friday and then complete Friday's first set of tasks.

Fractions to decimals (1)

After completing the first set of tasks on Friday, watch this final video lesson and finish the tasks for this week.