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Autumn 2020 Geography

Home Learning for our Geography Topic


Our topic this term is geography and we are learning to: 

Use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic human & physical features. 


1. Exploring Maps Activities

Have a look at a variety of local maps and aerial maps including those below. 

Can you spot any landmarks, basic human or physical features? 


2. Human and Physical Geography Activities

Read through the Physical and Human Geography Glossary below to understand the difference between human and physical features then test your knowledge with the sorting activity



3. Make your own map! 


Can you make a map of your house/ garden etc. thinking about the different symbols you can use to represent different areas or objects? 


Can you go on a walk in your local area using a map? Can you describe/ highlight the route that you took? Make your own map of the route, focusing on features/ key landmarks of our local area and locating the nearest green space. Can you highlight any human and physical features on your route?


Make a poster to show what is wonderful about our local area, drawing physical features in green and human features in pink.


Look at aerial pictures of the local area. 

Look at an aerial map of Hebden to Old Town. What landmarks can you recognise?  


4. Comparing Old Town to London 

We are also looking at London to see how it compares to Old Town. Have a look at some maps/ aerial maps of London and talk about any similarities/ differences with Old Town. 


Look through 'Let's explore London!' and look at the landmarks of the city. Then, complete the 'Let's explore London activity sheet (2A)'. 

5. Oak National Academy Lessons 


Finally, look at lessons 7-10 on the Oak National Academy link below...