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Week 1

Hi Year 3's and any Year 2's who are having sneaky peak! I hope you have had a nice restful half term. 


I'm so sorry that our first few cooking lessons will be done remotely. Fingers crossed we will be back at school soon and having our lessons in the hall altogether. In the meantime, I will add a lesson for each week that we are still in lockdown. This will include some theory and a recipe, the recipe is just a suggestion though so please feel free to practise your skills with your favourite dish instead.



You must always ask before you get creative in the kitchen. A lot of the skills we will learn and practise need adult supervision

In this weeks lesson we will be looking at this skill from our knowledge organiser


LO - I understand I need to follow good kitchen hygiene to prepare dishes safely.


We have looked at this during previous cooking lessons but let's refresh our memory.

During the last year we have learnt about the importance of washing our hands and now are all experts! We can name other things we, personally, need to do before we cook (e.g. tie hair back, cover cut). We are also aware that these measures apply throughout cooking. For example we need to wash our hands if we cough or sneeze. 


Is kitchen hygiene just about preparing ourselves to cook though or is there a bit more to it?

So now we know there are lots of things we can do to make sure we cook safely and hygienically. Can you put them into practise the next time you cook?



Recipe Idea

We would love to see what you have been making in the kitchen. Please share your creations on ClassDoJo, and send photographs of yourself practising your skills.


Here are two recipes suggestions. 


Morish Muffins

These are muffins with a twist as they contain courgette and cheese. Not ingredients you would usually expect in a muffin but they have been very popular! Be careful with the egg, any spillages will need to be cleaned straight away to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. 


Mini Cornish Pasties

This recipe uses both meat and non meat products. Can you remember how to keep safe when preparing these sorts of ingredients? Don't forget to use separate chopping boards and utensils and wash your hand if you've handled the meat.