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Tuesday 9th February- Summariser

It's Class 2 Book Week! 

In class 2, we love to read so this week's tasks are all based around our favourite reads...

LO: To write a book review


Today, I'd like you to choose your favourite book. It could be a loved picture book, a chapter book or a non-fiction book that you've read at home or at school. 


It's great when we can recommend books to our friends and when we receive suggestions that are slightly different from what we're used to. 


As a class this week, we are going to create a virtual book review page where we can share what we love and pick up ideas for reading something new.



Firstly, spend some time exploring the book reviews by celebrities on the page below. A good book review should:

  • Give you a short summary of what happens but don't give away the ending! (like our Summariser Reciprocal Reading role at school)
  • Tell you something about the characters that the reader really likes in the story. Sometimes, characters can remind you of yourself or people that you know.  
  • Tell you why the reader enjoyed or didn't enjoy reading the book.
  • Suggest who might like to read the book. For example, "If you enjoy reading books like 'The Worst Witch,' you may enjoy this book."
  • Sometimes give you a star rating out of 5. 


Now it's your turn! Choose your favourite book and write a book review. You can use one of the worksheets below to help you or you can use your own sub-headings. If you'd like to share your book review in our virtual book review shelf, please let me know when you send in your work.