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Part 2- Writing/ creating a non-chronological report

LO: To create a non-chronological report about my expert topic.


Now that you've researched and planned your report, you're ready to put it all together to present it! You can decide how to present your report. Here are some ideas: 


  • Create an information poster 
  • Create a leaflet 
  • A piece of writing organised with sub-headings (like a page in a non-fiction book) 
  • A video report- remember to plan this out. It might help to write some notes to help you to deliver your video report. 
  • Any other way you can think of! It's over to you!


What I'd like from your non-chronological report: 

  • A title that tells me what your report is about
  • An introduction to introduce what you're going to be talking or writing about 
  • Organised sections. Can you use sub-headings to organise your report?
  • To learn something new about your chosen topic 
  • A picture to help me to understand your topic


You've got two days create your report! It doesn't need to be huge. I'm looking for quality over quantity and most of all, I'd like you to enjoy your report project! Do it in a way that you find fun!