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Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th January- English- Plan a story

Either watch the lesson instruction video below or read the information yourself. Do whichever works best for you!

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LO: To create a story plot to explain what happened to Jack whilst he was alone in the tunnel. 

We know that Jack went into the tunnel on his own and at the end of the story, Rose rescued him but we don't know what happened to Jack in between. 


Spend a couple of minutes now thinking about what might have happened to Jack in the tunnel. Why did he turn to stone? Who did he meet? 




Please note, the story plan below should take you approximately two lessons to complete (Tuesday & Wednesday). 


Can you plot out a story plan to explain what happens to Jack in the tunnel?


Split your page into 4 boxes as shown below and follow the introduction- build up- problem- resolution planning map.