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Wadsworth: LKS2 Y3 & Y4

Welcome to Wadsworth's class page for Years 3 & 4.
Here you will find details of our curriculum, homework, home learning and other relevant information. Scroll down past the slideshow to find links for home learning options should it be required.

Click on the link below for further details of the curriculum map, timetable and educational visits programme for Wadsworth class.

Science - Building and labelling skeletons

Science - Testing Reflective Surfaces

Science - Magnets

Science - Exploring gases experiment. Testing the weight of carbon dioxide in fizzy pop

Science - Making Circuits

Science - Skeletons

Wadsworth have been working on teams ‘building’ skeletons and naming bones using both everyday and scientific names


Science - Animals and humans.

We made models of an arm with biceps and triceps to show how muscles work in pairs.

Science Experiments - Light and Dark

Science Experiments - Forces and Magnets

To see what our class have been working on, browse through the slideshow below...