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Monday- Science

Monday 9th November, 2020


Today, we our sticky fact is... 

To know that humans and some other animals have a skeleton, made up of bones that give the body support, let's them move in many ways and protects your internal organs. 


Have a look at at the knowledge organiser below...

What is a skeleton?

Watch the video to find out what we would look like without a skeleton.

Activity 1: 

Can you write a sentence or draw a picture to explain what life would be like for humans if we didn't have a skeleton?

How do our muscles and bones work? | BBC Teach

Let's look in a little more detail at the human body...

X-rays are powerful waves of energy. X-rays can show images, or pictures, of the inside of an object, such as a suitcase or the human body. You may have an x-ray taken in hospital to check broken bones or at the dentist to check your teeth. 


Activity 2

Look at the x-rays below, what do you think they show? 

(I've covered up the answers with black splodges... that's not part of the x-ray!) 


Activity 3

You have a couple of options to choose from...


1. Using the activity worksheet below, or materials at home, can you build a skeleton? Perhaps you could make a moving skeleton! 


2. Or, you could label the bones on the skeleton picture worksheet below? If you don't have a printer, how about asking a family member to draw around the outline of your body on big paper (or many sheets stuck together) and labelling your bones on the picture?