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Tuesday 26th January-

LO: To explore what makes a good set of instructions


This week, we are going to be looking at what makes instructions effective and we'll be writing our own instructions too. 



Firstly, watch the fun video below...

Wow... those instructions had to be precise! 


Activity 1

Thinking about what you saw in the video above and looking at the instruction examples below, can you come up with the key ingredients for writing a really good set of instructions? 


You might find some instructions around your home too. Do you have any recipe books? Perhaps a set of flat-pack furniture or Lego instructions? 


Write your ideas down in a list and keep it handy. You will need this later in the week. 



Activity 2

Watch the video below to find out what makes a good set of instructions or recipe. Did you spot the different features? 

What makes a good set of instructions?

Still image for this video

Please note... In the video I've said that 'cover' is a time conjunction... it's not! Cover is what type of word? 


Clue: It's bossy!