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Polly Murray Visit 16.02.18

To conclude their recent topic on mountains, Class 4 were extremely privileged today to receive a visit from renowned mountaineer, Polly Murray (see her biography below for more information).

Polly came to school to give a talk to the children about her successful summit of Mount Everest and other adventures. It was a fantastic morning and the children were enthralled by her recount of the Everest expedition accompanied by amazing pictures. Thank you so much, Polly!


Polly Murray
First Scottish woman to summit Mount Everest; First person to Telemark ski off the summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska; Representing the country in Nordic skiing; Competing in a world cup Telemark ski race; A ski traverse of Bylot island in Northern canada with best friend Tash Wright; a remote Arctic island crossed only once previously in the 60’s by famous explorer, Bill Tilman; Sailing to the remote Antarctic island of Peter Oy and the sub Antarctic island of South Georgia

For the last five years Polly has been the presenter and assistant expedition leader on the last four of the award winning BBC “Serious” series. These programmes involve taking 8 kids, aged between 12 and 15 to remote areas of the world. Locations have ranged from deep in the Amazon rainforest to high up the Andes and as far south as Cape Horn. These trips include following in the wake of some of the world’s greatest explorers. Other television work has included a guest appearances on “Live and Deadly”, for the BBC with Steve Backshall and “Summer at the Top” for STV. She also completed a rock climbing ascent of The Old Man of Hoy, filmed for Scottish television