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Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd January- Write a story

English Lesson (Thursday & Friday)

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Either watch & listen to the instructional video above or read the lesson details on the page below. Whichever works best for you!

LO: To write the untold story of Jack in 'The Tunnel'


Today and tomorrow, I would like you to use your plan to write up the untold story of Jack in 'The Tunnel.'


Remember to...

  • Stick to the story structure that you've mapped out in your planning. (Introduction- build up- problem- resolution). 
  • Think carefully about your punctuation, handwriting and spelling (capital letters, full stops and joined up letters please!) 
  • Use some of the sentence starters and adjectives on the word mats below. 


Once you have written your story, read it aloud to someone at home and check for any errors. All great writers make mistakes and edit their work! 

Please submit your story to me via Class Dojo. To receive helpful feedback, please ensure that the picture or scan of your work is as clear as possible. Thank you!