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Lesson 2- Planning

LO: To plan a recount 


What is the best day you've ever had? 


Today you're going to plan a recount of the best day you've ever had. Let's start by looking at some animals who are having the best day ever...

Your job today, is to pick out the best day you've ever had. You may wish to speak to family members about this day or perhaps look through photographs to prompt your memory. 


Once you've picked, you're going to spend this lesson planning out your recount.


We've tried lots of different planning styles so far in Class 2. We can use a mixture of writing and pictures. Here are some examples of how you can plan your recount today:

  • Comic strip (pictures and captions)
  • Post-it notes
  • Bullet-point list 
  • Talking about it with someone and jotting down the events together. 


You can also use the planning sheet below.