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Lesson 4- How do Muslims welcome a new baby?

LO: I can explain how some Muslims welcome a new baby


When a new baby is born into a Muslim family, the following events take place: 

  • The Adhan (a statement of faith) is whispered into the baby's right ear as soon after birth as possible. The baby is also given something sweet to taste. 
  • The Aqiqah is a ceremony on the 7th day. The baby's hair is shaved off and weighed when they are 7 days old. The equivalent cost in gold is given to the poor. The family enjoy a special meal and give any leftover meat to the poor because they recognise how lucky they are and want to help others. 
  • The baby is given a name taken from the Qur'an for its meaning.


Read the PowerPoint below to find out more about the Aqiqah and then complete the activity worksheets.