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Lesson 5- The Five Pillars of Islam

LO: To describe the Five Pillars of Islam and how they are used as rules and guidelines.


Muslims follow the the Five Pillars of Islam. These help individual Muslims and the whole Muslim community. Let's find out more about the Five Pillars. Watch the cartoon clip below and the video where Sara teaches us about her religion and the rules that she follows. 

The Five Pillars of Islam | Religions of the World

What is Islam? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Islam

-year-old Sara gives us a brief guide to her religion by describing the Five Pillars of Islam.


First think about this question...


What is a pillar? 



Now, spend some time thinking about these questions below...


What are the pillars in your life or what holds you up?




What 5 things 'hold up' your life? E.g. family, friends, music, faith. Choose your own 5 pillars. 


Using rolled up paper or cardboard tubes, can you create a model of your own five pillars? 


You could draw or write about the things that hold you up on each of your cardboard 'pillars.'