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w/c 25th January 2021

This week we are looking at this part of the knowledge organiser:


I can say where and how some food is grown



In this weeks lesson we are looking at where the food we eat comes from. We get our food from two sources. Some is plant based and can be grown in a field or a carefully controlled environment, for example, greenhouses and polytunnels. Others come from animals that have been reared and cared for on a farm. 


Let's look at plant based food first. Not all plants are edible and can be poisonous so it is important you always check with an adult before eating anything.  We can eat different parts of a plant depending on what it is, broccoli is the flower of the plant, lettuce is the leaves, celery is the stalk and an apple is the fruit. 


Watch the slideshow and have a look at some different plants and the food we get from them. Can you spot the different parts of the plants?

Now let's look at food sourced from animals. We get meat from animals and also milk. Milk can then be used to make a variety of different dairy products. Watch the sideshow to find out more.