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Admission of New Pupils


The present policy of the Authority is to admit children to Foundation Stage 2 (Reception Class) at the beginning of the school year in which they attain the age of five. Parents who seek admission for their child or children should register their name with the school.


You are invited to contact the Headteacher at any time if you wish to arrange a tour of the school and/or discuss any matter concerning education within the school before you make your final decision.


At the start of November, school will send you details on how to apply for school places. (You may also receive details if you are pupil within a local authority/school nursery; private nurseries do not provide application details.) This can be completed online within the Calderdale website, but must be done by January, the date being set by the local authority.


You will hear nothing then until April when school places are published. The local authority will inform you of your place and school will follow this with a letter of welcome, confirming the place and an invitation to an open evening for new parents.


At the open evening there will be a short presentation introducing you to the school and the class teachers. You will also be offered half day sessions for your child to attend over a two week period. This gives the children an opportunity to find their feet and meet staff and other children to reduce nerves in September. 


For details of in-year admissions and for information regarding returning to mainstream from Elective Home Education, please see our Admissions Policies in the Policy section of this website.


We look forward to meeting you.




For any further information please look at the Calderdale website