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Tuesday- Art & Design

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Spring Term Art & Design


This term, we will be studying two shorter art topics. The first is 'Inspired by our Locality.' 


Today, let's begin by sketching our local landscape...



If you are at home, find your favourite view from home. It may be a view from your window or outside in your garden. 


On a piece of paper set landscape (longer sides facing the ground and sky) can you sketch what you can see? 

Look closely to see what you can see in the background, e.g. rolling hills, and the foreground, e.g. the outline of your window or bushes & flowers. 


Materials: You could use pencil, sketching pencils, colouring pencils, or watercolour paints.


It may be helpful to make yourself a simple viewfinder using a bit of scrap card. See the picture below for guidance...