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Looking after our physical health

Looking after our teeth

Holly & Sophie's dad is a dentist. He takes care of peoples teeth and teaches them how to look after their own teeth and oral hygiene. 

At the moment, many dental surgeries are closed and we are unable to visit for regular check-ups. Therefore, it is even more important that we take care of our teeth! 

Here are two helpful dental care and oral healthcare videos aimed at you and your families. Find an adult at home to watch the videos with you. 


If you are unsure which of the two videos is most appropriate, use Arash's general rule...

  • If you can tie you own shoe laces, watch "A&S Dental Toothbrushing For Older Children"
  • If you can't yet tie your own shoe laces, watch "A&S Dental - Toothbrushing For Younger Children"

Both videos are available below.

A&S Dental Toothbrushing For Older Children

Look out for the familiar stars of the show!

A&S Dental - Toothbrushing For Younger Children

How to brush younger children's teeth - practical tips