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The Curriculum at Old Town


At Old Town Primary we strive to provide a tailor-made curriculum that engages and inspires our children whilst ensuring National Curriculum coverage.

The curriculum will be the means of providing all with good opportunities for enjoyment and achievement. It will foster economic wellbeing, improve learners’ health, keep them safe and help them make a positive contribution to the school and the community. The curriculum will enable all learners to enjoy their education and will ensure that wherever possible learning is fun.

We mostly teach in mixed-age classes: EYFS & Year 1; Year 2 & Year 3; Year 4 & Year 5. Year 6 are taught discretely. Pupils in Classes 1 to 3 follow a two year rolling programme that is packed with enriching activities to complement their primary curriculum.

We actively pursue pupil wellbeing throughout the school. For example, all children take part in cooking and gardening every year; they perform in musical theatre, we promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development not just within the curriculum but outside of it through P4C (Philosophy for Children), debate, democratic decision making, sharing of talents, restorative practice, inclusiveness and mindfulness. Old Town prides itself in the promotion and provision of a wide variety of sporting activities and events. We make no apologies for being competitive in everything we do, be it academic attainment or sporting achievement.


  • To provide all children with equal access to a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum matched well to their ages, abilities, interests, aptitudes and special needs.
  • To increase children’s knowledge, skills and understanding as they grow and develop and strengthen their connections with the world around them.
  • The curriculum will be carefully planned and structured to ensure that learning is continuous and that children make good progress in the development of their learning.
  • To engage the children’s interests by offering excellent opportunities to extend creative learning, challenge their imagination, value originality and to encourage and motivate them to want to learn.
  • To be exciting and to offer children lots of first-hand experience to reinforce their learning and to underpin their growing knowledge, skills and understanding of the world.
  • To open their eyes to awe and wonder and cause them to marvel at the world in which they live.


  • Work will be differentiated and resources will be deployed efficiently and effectively to personalise learning for each child.
  • Members of staff will be given responsibility for leading, managing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the curriculum. Teachers will be given good opportunities to use their subject expertise to enhance the curriculum.
  • The agreed Calderdale Syllabus will be used as the basis for the planning and teaching of RE
  • Cross-curricular links will be made between subjects where appropriate.
  • Opportunities will be taken to enrich the curriculum through: educational visits out of school; involvement of parents, visitors, artists, crafts people, actors and musicians; the use of school grounds, the locality and the wider environment.
  • Opportunities will be sought within the curriculum to encourage community links.
  • An extensive range of high quality resources will be used to underpin the curriculum.
  • Homework will be set according to school policy.


We work hard with our families and partners to encourage the development of well-rounded individuals: shaping children so that they take an interest in the wider world; have practical skills and common sense and are genuinely inclusive and respectful of others. We do this well – it is one of our many strengths.

Given the small size of our school, we have a disproportionately high success rate in sporting and music competitions and our wider curriculum is developed in consultation with families which enables us to match the needs of our community. This reaches beyond the curriculum and into our pastoral support system, ensuring children develop character and values that will enable them to become net contributors to their local community and wider society.

Children’s work and achievement within the curriculum will be celebrated and displayed to enable it to make a significant impact on the visual appearance of the school and to contribute positively to its ethos. The exciting curriculum that we provide will help children to understand who they are and where they live. It will help them to learn about their community, the nation and the world in which they live. It will deepen their cultural awareness and increase their understanding of history, time and place. They will learn about issues facing the world and the importance of caring for their environment. Our school is a busy, productive and nice place to be.

Take a look at our Curriculum Offer on the school website.


Please look on our main Policies page for individual curriculum policies.