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Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th January- Can you order the steps in a recipe?

LO: To sequence and write the steps in a recipe


Your first task today, is to watch the video below... 

How to make a 4-way wrap with Miss Mears-Sykes

Watch the video below to find out how to make a 4-way wrap...


So now you know how to make a 4-way pizza wrap! Your task for the next two days in English is to write the recipe for making the 4-way pizza wrap. 


In the sheets below, you will find the pictures for each step of the process but they've been muddled up. Cut out the pictures and have a go at placing them in order on the instruction scaffold sheet. You will need to add a caption for each. Remember, good instructions...

  • use imperative verbs (bossy verbs! cut    chop    fold     heat     stir   ) 
  • use technical vocabulary (e.g. frying pan,   grater,    teaspoon)
  • start with words like next, after that, firstly... 
  • are specific... pretend your teaching an alien how to do this! 


Same task but with extra challenge (or for those without a printer...) 

Order the steps, as above, but without using the scaffold sheet. You could draw your own diagrams for each stage of the process. Don't forget the ingredients and equipment lists! 


There are quite a few steps to the 4-way wrap pizza making process. You have today and tomorrow to complete this activity!