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Lessons 3 & 4- Writing a Recount

LO: To write a recount of our best day ever! 


Today we will be writing up our best day ever recounts. 


Warm-up Activity

Thinking back to Tuesday's WAGOLL lesson, what makes a recount work really well? 

  • What tense should it be written in? 
  • What punctuation will you need to use? 
  • Can you remember an example of an adverb used? Why do we use adverbs in our writing?
  • Do you need to retell the events in order? (Chronological order) 


Writing Activity 

Using the plan you completed yesterday, use today and tomorrow to write-up your recount of your best day ever. 

Think carefully about the features found in the warm-up activity and WAGOLL. 


REMEMBER... Look at your writing feedback from 'Jack's Untold Story.' Can you achieve your target in this week's writing task?