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Screen-free maths ideas

  • Ask someone at home to challenge you on telling the time. Can you work out how long you need to wait until lunch time? You could make your own clock using a paper plate & split-pin. 
  • Set-up shop! Can you put together a shop, cafe, cinema or restaurant for family members at home? Remember, you'll need to price everything up, work out change, write menus or posters. The list is endless!
  • Make a maths board-game to play at home. You could base it on something like snakes & ladders or you could make it even more challenging with bonus cards etc. 
  • Time yourself and others! How fast can you make your bed/ run 20 laps of the garden/ climb the stairs? How high can you jump? How quickly can your pet find their favourite toy? 
  • Help out in the kitchen. Yes... baking a cake can be a maths lesson! Can you measure out the ingredients carefully, selecting the appropriate equipment and units of measure? 
  • Practise writing your digits. Dig out your fanciest pens, sand tray, paints, shaving foam and spend time neatening up your numbers. 
  • Food and fractions really are a match made in heaven! How many ways can you share a chocolate bar into 4 equal parts? Can you complete a fraction pizza challenge? E.g. 1/4 pepperoni, 3/4 cheese, 1/2 sweetcorn, 1/10 olives...