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Class 3 Music Task

 Music Home learning – Class 3

Hi class 3, I hope you are all ok. I’m missing your amazing singing voices and your amazing selves already. I have put together a few activities to keep you going whilst we are apart. I know you’ve got lots of other work to do from your teachers so you are free to do as much or as little of what I’m giving you as you can. Do keep singing though - music and singing is what makes us human and can keep us happy!

Firstly I have created a class log on for the music scheme ‘Charanga’. The details how to log on are on the Home learning part of the school website.

I have set an assignment called ‘Bringing us Together’ enjoy working through the activities! I appreciate lots of you won’t have any access to instruments at home but be creative – many household items make great instruments! If you want to use the notes of a tuned instrument there are many free ‘virtual piano’ apps that you can download. 

I have also added you two resources on Charanga one called ‘Percussion Writer’ which allows you to use technology to create rhythm patterns to different songs – have a play! The other is ‘Rhythm Grid’ – choose the time signature 4/4 and create some 4 beat rhythm patterns using ‘ta’s, rests and ‘teh-teh’s!

Also there are lots of amazing resources on the BBC ten pieces website including the Vivaldi piece that we have been listening to in assembly. Or if you are a Dr Who fan check out the Delia Derbyshire information on the theme tune


Finally, why don’t you challenge for families to learn some of our singing games? You are experts now and I’m sure they would love to join in. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:-

Oliver Twist, Hill and Gully rider, Step Back Baby, Moses supposes, Jump Jim Jo!

Take care everyone and enjoy your time with your families.

Mrs Pearce