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Maths video inputs & tasks for 20th to 22nd January

Wednesday 20th January

Today I would like you to do some arithmetic questions as quickly and accurately as you can. Give yourself 30 minutes to try all the questions on the Arithmetic Quiz. It’s not necessary to print it out, just write out the calculation and complete them. Mark your work after and attempt any corrections. Do not fret about any long division questions! I can go through long division with you during a live session if necessary.

Below are the answers to the quiz. Obviously, I am trusting you not to open this document until you have tried to answer all the questions!

If you finish the arithmetic quiz including marking and correcting in under an hour. Please move onto the activities below. These are designed to check and consolidate your understanding of decimals before we move on to percentages.

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd January

Below you will find a document containing all the remaining tasks for Thursday and Friday followed by the video links. Read the instructions above the tasks making sure to watch the relevant video first. 

Understand percentages

Fractions to percentages

Order FDP

Equivalent FDP