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Lesson 2- Identify plants and animals in a local habitat

To identify plants and animals in a local habitat 


This lesson is all about finding out what lives on your doorstep, whether that's your garden or local park! First, read through the short lesson PowerPoint with video below. Then choose one of the scavenger hunts or use the ideas to write your own, predicting what you might find. 


Remember, you don't need to move anything from where it lives. Simply observe the different living things on your list then put a tick in the box!  

Wildlife in our gardens | Biology - Wonders of Nature

Challenge Task


If you've enjoyed completing the scavenger hunt, why not have a go at the teeny tiny treasures hunt from The Woodland Trust? 


What tiny treasures can you find in a local habitat that fit into a matchbox? For example, you might find a blade of grass, leaves, feathers, tiny pebbles or snail shells. 


Thinking Time...

What do these treasures tell you about that habitat? 

What textures can you feel? 

What different colours can you see? 

Can you find a tiny treasure in all primary and secondary treasures? 

Can you write a story about your tiny treasures?