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Friday 15th January- English- Writing

LO: To identify fairy tale themes in 'The Tunnel' and think about how Anthony Browne has adapted them. 


First, watch the second part of the story being read below. In the story, Rose loves reading fairy tales. What clues has Anthony Browne placed in the pictures to tell us that? How many different fairy tale clues can you spot? You might like to listen to the first part of the story again (see Wednesday's lesson). 

'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne, part 2

Still image for this video
Click play to listen to me reading the second part of 'The Tunnel.'

Activity 1: Fairy Tale Clues!


How many clues did you spot? See the list below to see if you found them all. For each clue, can you think of the fairy tale this comes from. For example, Rose's red coat could be a clue for 'Little Red Riding Hood.'

  • The witch's hat on the chimney top 
  • The bread crumbs and the birds 
  • The axe
  • The beanstalk 
  • The basket
  • The bear in the tree
  • The wolf in the tree
  • The giant's cudgel in the tree

Activity 2: Is Rose like a fairy tale character? 


List any similarities you can think of between Rose's character and Little Red Riding Hood.