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w/c 8th February 2021

This is our last week of cooking in Year 1, but don't worry we will be doing more when you are in Year 2.


We have completed all of the learning objectives in the knowledge organiser so lets go back to the only lesson were able to do in school.


LO - I can make a healthy dish or snack and think about presentation.


Activity 1

Imagine one of your favourite meals. Talk to someone in your house and tell them what makes you want to eat it, what do you like about it?


You may want to think about the:

texture, smell, colour and flavour



This week we will have a think about presentation. What our food looks like is often the reason why we decide to eat it or not. Have a look at these pictures - which one would you rather eat and why? 



Did you choose pancake 2? It looks much more appetising in the way it has been presented. The pancakes are stacked neatly and the fruit has been carefully arranged. It looks more colourful too.

Your Challenge


Help make your own lunch. What could you include from the Eatwell guide? Decide how your lunch will be presented. You might want to use cookie cutters to turn your sandwich into a gingerbread person, or you could make a face a bit like the one we did at school. Get creative and let your imagination go wild.


We would LOVE to see your creations this week and beyond so please add them to ClassDoJo. It would be great to add them to our website too so please let us know if you are happy for them to be shared. 

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