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Wednesday & Thursday- To write a set of instructions

LO: To write a set of instructions


Now that you've designed your DIY den (and possibly had a go at making it!) it's time to write a set of instructions to teach others how to make your fabulous den creation. You will have both today's lesson and tomorrow to complete this activity. 


Let's think back to last week. What makes a good set of instructions? Can you jot down your ideas or tell someone at home? 


Your challenges are below. Your instructions should:

  • have an equipment or 'you will need' list
  • use numbered points (1.    2.   3.     and so on) 
  • use imperative verbs (bossy verbs! stack     pile    fold     attach    clip   ) 
  • use technical vocabulary (e.g. pegs,   table,    structure)
  • start with words like next, after that, firstly... 
  • be specific... pretend your teaching an alien how to do this! 

You could also include diagrams to make your instructions even clearer. 


I'm looking forward to reading your instructions and seeing any photos of your DIY dens!