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Art & Design Homework

Click on the link below to open the schedule of art homework tasks.
There are 3 tasks each term. Complete them and bring in your work to add to your sketchbook in school. You can find relevant examples and ideas either on the schedule or posted below in the homework messages section.

Chiserley Class Art Homework Schedule 2021-2022

Art Homework Messages

Chiserley Class Art Homework: No.1

Deadline: 24th September 2021

Please can you find (and bring into school) a photograph suitable for inspiration for a portrait. This is for you to use as a starting point for creating a portrait in class in week 4 of this half term. The picture can be of anyone but it should be:

...large enough & clear enough to show plenty of detail from which to work can be of just the face or a full body and face

...a face that you find interesting (it can be family, friends or someone you've never met) but it should be selected for its visual interest

Choose your image carefully, considering its visual interest e.g. strong contrasts of shadow and light, unusual expressions or facial features. Think outside the box - old and young and not just in between; don't just go for conventional ideas!

Thank you,

Mrs Smith