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SPRING - 3-D Form

Before beginning this unit of work, read the knowledge organiser carefully and familiarise yourself with the vocabulary you will need to discuss your own and others artwork.

If you have not already heard the story of the hero, Beowulf, and the monster, Grendel, during our Anglo-Saxon topic, you should do so now by watching and listening to the BBC animations which can be found through the link below.


Below you will find all the resources you need for this art unit.

The presentations can be viewed either in Powerpoint, or if you cannot open that, a PDF (the files are duplicates just in different formats).


3rd & 4th March Tasks

You will find details of this week's tasks in the presentation below.

24th & 25th February Tasks

There are 3 tasks here and I would expect these to take approximately 2 hours in total to complete. On the schedule for the week, I have suggested working on your art tasks on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, however, you can do the lessons when it suits you BUT please make sure you spend adequate time absorbing the information provided and also produce a high-quality sketch at the end.

You can find the lesson input and tasks below.

To further explore sculptural work and 3-D form, take a look at the two video clips by clicking on the link below.