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Tuesday- Plan, draw and label a detailed design

LO: To plan, draw and label a detailed plan of a den 


Using what we learnt last week, we're going to continue with our work on instructions this week.


Today, we're going to explore the wonderful, imaginative world of...

... DIY dens! 


That's right, this week, our focus is, 'How to build a den at home.' 



Today's task is to draw and label a detailed diagram of a den that you could build at home. I would like to see...

  • A detailed drawing (draw in pencil!) 
  • Labels that describe what you would use and how objects would join together 


If you're stuck for ideas, you can find lots of images following a quick Google search (ask an adult to help you). You could also think about the questions below...


Who can visit your den? 

How do you enter and exit your den? 

Does your den have any secret passage ways? 

How will you protect your den from dragons, monsters and other beastly baddies? 

What is your den called?


Optional Extension Task

Ask a grown-up at home before building or gathering household furnishings! DO NOT build dens near fires (e.g. log burners) or lit candles. 

Can you have a go at building your den at home? 


Tip... dens are the best places for curling up with your favourite biscuit and a good book!