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Monday 16th November- Grammar & Punctuation

Monday 16th November 2020


Year 2:To use commas in a list

Year 3: To revise how to use commas in a list


Click on the BBC Bitesize link below to find out how commas can be used to separate items in a list. Watch the short video clip of 'Brain' and then have a go at the activity. 




Have a go at the activity below. Can you use 3 adjectives to describe each picture and write them in a sentence? 


Year 3 Challenge!

Think about how you can make the description more exciting. Think about the power words in the back of your word book or use an online thesaurus to make sensible but exciting adjective choices. 

Look at the example below. Which sentence is a better description of a castle? Why?

The castle was big, spooky and massive. 


The castle had towering turrets, strong walls and secret windows.