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Option 2 Home Learning (No longer required)

Spring Term History Topic- The Titanic

Please follow the guidance below if you are self-isolating with your family or your class teacher is unwell and so unable to set a bespoke program. If your class bubble is down or there is a national lock down, follow option 1 for home learning. 

Have a look at the knowledge organiser on the previous page to find out about the sticky knowledge and skills we are focusing on this term. 


Home Learning (Option 2) Activity: Titanic Timeline

Year 2:

Look through the Titanic timeline resource below. Can you retell the story of the Titanic using the comic strip resource below?

Year 3 (and year 2 who fancy a challenge!): 

Use the links below to find out about the main events associated with the Titanic. Using your findings, can you create a timeline of the Titanic? 

In school, we will be exploring the following historical inquiries... 


  • Why was the Titanic known as the, 'Queen of the Ocean?' 
  • Are we nearly there yet? (Where was it going? How long did it take? Where did the passengers come from?) 
  • How different was this ship compared to those that went before and after? 
  • If you were travelling on the Titanic today, what different things might you take, compared with what you would have taken in 1912? 
  • What kinds of things might people have done aboard the Titanic before it hit the iceberg? 
  • Do you think anything could have been done at the time to stop the sinking and the loss of so many lives? 
  • How did people find out about the sinking of the Titanic? 


If you are looking for extension activities for learning from home (option 2), why not explore some of the history enquiries above?