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Wainsgate: EYFS & KS1

Welcome to Wainsgate's class page for Reception, Year 1 & Year 2.
Here you will find details of our curriculum, homework, home learning and other relevant information. Scroll down past the slideshow to find links for home learning options should it be required.

Click on the link below for further details of the curriculum map, timetable and educational visits programme for Wainsgate class.

Our History topic in Wainsgate has been the Brontes. The children loved learning about the Bronte sisters and why they are significant individuals.

For part of our learning, we had a school trip to the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. The children learnt lots of facts, including looking and comparing pictures of present day and the past. They also learnt about the differences in schooling/education and the Bronte sisters homelife.

Chris Mould Art Project February 2022

During our art lessons, in Spring 1 term, we looked at local illustrator and author Chris Mould. Chris has illustrated The Boy Called Christmas and Truth Pixie series of books. After looking at some of his artwork we wanted to find out more, so the children thought up a list of questions to ask Chris. He kindly replied with some very detailed answers that are featured in the slide show above. 


Using the Truth Pixie 'how to' guide we followed the step by step instructions to create our own Truth Pixie. The children then adapted their picture to show off their own creative skills!

Nativity Play December 2021

Dance Workshop at Wainsgate Chapel

The children in Wainsgate really enjoyed the dance workshop at Wainsgate Chapel. They worked in groups to discuss their ideas and feelings when listening to music, before expressing these ideas and feelings through dance. They also performed dances as a whole class. 


To see what our class have been working on, browse through the slideshow below...