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SPRING - The Anglo-Saxon & Viking Struggle For The Kingdom Of England To The Time Of Edward The Confessor


Below you will find all the resources you need for this history unit.

Lessons 1 to 4 presentations can be viewed either in Powerpoint, or if you cannot open that, a PDF (the 2 files are duplicates just in different formats).

If you struggle to open BBC weblinks from within the powerpoint or PDF, I have included them separately beneath the block of lessons.

There are 4 lessons here and I would expect that to take approximately 4 hours to work through the lesson input and produce the task at the end. I have suggested on the schedules completing them as follows: Lesson 1 for Wednesday 3rd February, Lesson 2 for Thursday 4th February, Lesson 3 for 10th February and Lesson 4 for 11th February. However, you can do the lessons when it suits you BUT make sure you spend adequate time absorbing the information provided and also produce a high-quality piece of work at the end.

Below are links to various BBC Bitesize resources which I have referred to in the lessons above. Use these links if you cannot open them within the lesson presentations.

Optional Extra! If you have Netflix, they are releasing a film called
'The Dig' about the finding of the Sutton Hoo ship. This complements our history topic beautifully so take a look if you can!

Please note it is rated PG so you must check with the adult in your household before watching.

Coming up after half-term (and hopefully we'll be back together in school by then)...