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Lesson 2- To explain why babies are special

Why are babies special?


When a new baby arrives in a family, they are very precious. Families have to make lots of preparations ready for the baby's arrival and consider a name for their child. 


Activity 1

Watch Katie Morag prepare for her new sibling... 

What do Katie's family need to prepare for their new arrival? Create a mind-map or spider diagram to illustrate your ideas for the questions below: 

  • What things do the family need to prepare for the baby? E.g. a cot 
  • How can they welcome the new baby? E.g. gifts and cards. 
  • What would you give to the baby to welcome them into the world? 

Activity 2: Your Name


I hope you enjoyed guessing the baby names last lesson! 


Families put lots of thought into choosing names for their children. Some families choose names for religious reasons whilst some name their new baby after someone.


Today, I'd like you to find out about your name and create a piece of artwork to illustrate the meaning behind your name. You could ask your family the questions below...

  • Does my name have a meaning? 
  • Am I named after someone or something?
  • Is there a story to go with my name? 
  • Was my name chosen for religious reasons?