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Snow/Emergency Closure Procedure 2016

Dear Families,




Now that the weather is beginning to turn cold we would like to go through the procedure we will follow in the event that school needs to close for adverse weather or emergency.


Closures During the School Day

If a need to close occurs during the school day we will firstly text message all parents. The system generates a report to advise when the message has been delivered to the phone. In the event of a failed delivery, a telephone call will be made to you too.

Secondly we will post a notice on the school website welcome page:

We will also use the emergency closure page on Calderdale’s website: 

School closures are also announced on BBC Radio Leeds and The Pulse every 20 minutes or so.


Can I reassure you that your child will never be sent home until you or your representative has arrived to collect him/her.


Morning Closures

On occasions we may not be able to open school in the morning due to adverse weather, boiler problems, etc. If this should happen we will text message all parents. We will endeavour to do this by 7.30am at the latest wherever possible. Unfortunately we cannot make individual calls in this instance as telephone numbers will not be available to the staff member at home. We will then post a notice on the school and Calderdale sites as above, which will generate the radio announcement. If in any doubt, please check these sites or listen to the radio for our announcement.


Staying safe in ice and snow: 

  1. Wear the proper footwear
  2. Take smaller steps to keep your centre of balance under you
  3. Walk slowly and never run on icy ground
  4. Keep both hands free for balance (not in pockets)
  5. Keep your eyes on where you are going
  6. Test potentially slippery areas by tapping your foot on them


When these don’t work and you know that you are going to slip try to reduce your potential injury when falling by:

  • Roll with the fall. Try to twist and roll backwards rather than falling forward.
  • Relax as much as possible when you begin to fall.
  • Toss any load you are carrying. Protect yourself instead of the objects being carried.