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Lesson 7- International Museum Day!

What is International Museum Day & why is it important?


International Museum Day is an annual event held either on or around 18 May. It’s run by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and although it only began officially in 1977, it can be traced back to 1951 in a meeting called Crusade for Museums. 

Museums are there to preserve history. Walking through a museum is like going back in time, experiencing things as they were thousands of years ago and learning about different races and cultures.  


What can you do to celebrate International Museum day?


Here are some ideas for you to explore... 


  • You could explore a virtual museum from the comfort of your sofa! See the links below for lots of choice. 
  • You could build your own museum at home. Collect curious or precious items from around your home and display them in your very own exhibition. Remember to ask an adult first, many precious items tend to be breakable! See the links below for some tools to help you to get started. 
  • Choose from the many museum activities in the links below. 


Have fun!