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Choir Singing Challenge

Singing Challenge - Tuesday 20th June 2017

Thank you to the choir for completing the 'Singing Challenge' last Tuesday and to parents for supporting this event. We have submitted our entry so keep your fingers crossed it's a winner! If you want to have a look at our entry then it is online here:-

Feedback From Singing Challenge


2nd Place - Old Town Primary School:

Great, confident singing, which really captured the mood of the songs, particularly in Take 5 Styles. It’s fantastic to see so many children performing – half the school singing in this well-directed choir is an achievement to be proud of! I really enjoyed having so much information about the planning and thought processes that had gone into make this video – and what imaginative ideas about locations and ‘instruments’. It was also great to see some audience reactions! A great deal of thought and preparation had clearly gone into this performance and it was a delight to see the children enjoying themselves so much.


Special thanks, of course, to Nathan – perhaps the country’s most accommodating barber!!


And the winner, for their performance of Take 5 Styles, is…


Luddendenfoot Academy:

Some really beautiful, controlled and nicely-phrased singing in this well-rehearsed performance. Everyone seemed really focussed and engaged. It can be challenging singing outside where the sound can easily ‘disappear’ in to the space, but the children here managed to sustain a great sound with good tone and intonation. Take 5 Styles really benefitted from a little choreography, which helped to add energy and convey the different emotions in the song; the actions were chosen well to suit the different verses. I loved the confetti throwing at the end – a surprising finale to a great performance!



1st place Luddendenfoot Academy win £100 worth of resources and 2nd place Old Town Primary win £60 worth of resources.


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